Menue of the week
Raw marinated swordfish
with Yuzu oil and octopus salad
Spicy lemon grass soup with shrimp skewer    
Asparagus from Baden with veal medallions,
Sauce Hollandaise, herb pancake and new potatoes
Rhubarb-curd cheese strudel with Baileys ice-cream





Salad from green asparagus with salmon tatar
and quail fried egg

Variation from herring on celery and potato fritter 13,00
Asparagus from Baden in a wild garlic pancake
with wild herbs salad
Sweetbread fried in butter on leaf spinach and cherry tomatoes 15,50


Beef broth with home-made liver Swabian noodles  7,50
Foamy asparagus soup with morels 10,50


Cod fillet with a crust of local mustard on dill cucumber, beetroot sauce and nut buttered potatoes 25,00 29,00
Crispy fried pike-perch fillet on pea puree,
tomatoes and potato doughnuts
27,00 31,00
Fried asparagus with monkfish and prawns Provencal
and rosemary potatoes
30,00 34,00


Tender veal escalope in cream,
home-made Swabian noodles and salad
20,50 24,00
Pork loin in creamy Cognac pepper sauce,
home-made Swabian noodles and salad
19,50 23,00
Stewed shoulder of lamb on roasted artichokes and Chorizo, wild garlic and polenta snails  21,50 25,00
Rib steak „Café de Paris" form US-beef
gratinated with a tender melting herb-butter sauce according to an old family recipe, potato patties and salad
28,50 33,00
Calf´s tongue in white wine sauce with green asparagus and mixed rice 24,50 28,00
Diced fillet from beef, veal and pork with beetroot,
mushrooms and pickles, broccoli and Basmati rice


Guinea fowl breast on gratinated asparagus star with morels an new potatoes   29,00
Portion of asparagus from Baden
with Sauce Hollandaise, new potatoes and herb pancakes             € 25,00    

upon request served with:
mixed ham          €   8,00
salmon medallion  € 10,00
veal medallion      € 12,00
beef medallion      € 13,00


Zucchini blossom filled with goat cream cheese,
baked maccharoni bar and cherry tomato salsa


Our separate menu for allergy sufferers gives you information about the food containing allergenic ingredients.
All prices include value added tax and service.

Unfortunately it is not possible to publish short-term changes at once. 



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